Tuesday, February 26, 2008

VMT Blogger Is Back

The New Kid on the Blog

February 26, 2008

Blog. It’s just one of the many other-worldly words that computers and the Internet have added to our language.

But blog? It sounds plodding. Boring. Neanderthal (“Blog take spear, kill velociraptor for dinner”). It’s short for weblog, I realize, but it rhymes with slog and clog and flog, which are not the best company to be keeping.

Blog sounds like something you might unhappily find stuck to the sole of your dress shoe.

However, I am getting off-track, which a railroader should never do. I will blog on.

Since this is my first attempt as the new blogger on this website, perhaps telling you a bit about me would be good. At least then you will have some idea who’s writing the stuff that interests or irritates you.

I have been a pastor and a free-lance writer most of my adult life. Three wonderful women brighten my world, a wife and two grown daughters. I can now speak credibly of the infamous midlife crisis in the past tense, and I have the hair—or bare—to prove it.

Sports, movies, books, photography, music and theater all clutter my imagination at times. Especially music. I collect it, listen to it and occasionally make it, though somewhat sloggishly.

My music pursuits have recently intersected my transportation interests. I have collected the lyrics (so far) of about a thousand railroad songs from the near and distant pasts, several hundred of which I have in audio form as well. More about that at another time.

About a decade ago I worked intermittently as a tour guide and workshop leader at the Museum. Now I have begun editing its quarterly newsletter. By the way, if you don’t receive a copy and want to, please e-mail us an address. Preferably yours.

And I play with trains. I started out in HO, then discovered my level of patience and fine motor skills did less damage in large scale. One of these days I plan to actually build and operate the layout which now exists only in my post-midlife brain. It will depict southwest VA about 1959, when the last steam was passing the baton to the diesel-electrics. Back then I would watch with wonder those N&W beasts snaking through my boyhood backyard.

I’m no expert on transportation, railroads, model trains or museums. However, I get excited over them all and I passionately believe in the treasures and mission of the Virginia Museum of Transportation. I will preach the gospel of VMT as well as try to learn from you.

As I muse about Museum-related topics, talk back when the mood strikes you. Your comments will make for a better blog, and I will have evidence that I’m not just mumbling to myself. And if you can’t slog through my prose without getting your brain clogged up or your interest bogged down, you are welcome to flog me.

At least in print.

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