Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Return

Two announcements to make today. One, the VMT Blog is once again in active status. It has been a long while since the last post, and we apologize for that, but now the time has come to get serious about this medium. We'll be posting on a regular basis with more of a bent towards the news of the transportation world, be it happenings at the VMT, or things that happen on the mainline, the airways, the highway, or the high seas.

And since we are now in that mode, here is announcement #2. The "Lost Engines of Roanoke" are on their way to freedom from the scrap-yard where they have been ensconced lo these fifty plus years. As some of you know, old #917 was liberated last year, and is now a roadside attraction in Ohio. Steam engines #1118, 1135, and 1151, along with diesels 662 and 663, and two tenders and a flatcar will be coming out by September 30, 2009, to make way for the Carrilion Hospital/Bio-Med Center expansion. The old mill is currently being demolished, and is about 70% down, and as soon as a temporary surface can be put down, work will commence on removing the Lost Engines. In the meantime, we have a couple of photos to share with you taken in the early springtime, before the vegetation takes over.


At August 26, 2009 at 8:58 PM , Anonymous Mike said...

no comments I guess everyone including me forgot about this blog. It is great to hear that 'the lost engine of Roanoke" have been saved. I drove past on the other side of the tracks from VMT and saw the 1151 sitting outside. Got a few questions. First why is it outside the fenced in are where people can vandalize and tag it with graffiti. If it site there long it will happen. They had already been tagged sitting on the scrap yard. Two, what happened to the rail cars that were sitting where the 1151 is now? Third are the parts that were removed found and if so will they will be reinstalled. It's great that all were saved and we got the Roanoke built one. But it looks like we got the one in the worst shape. I will be by too see it up close soon. I want to go to the other museum in northern Va when it gets it's engine. What the address and when will they have it? Hate to make that drive for nothing.


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